Tips & Tricks

Happy to share some tips & tricks you can perform by tweaking the same software and enjoy exploring the innovative world of album xpress.

Flexibility to access any content through any tab will add extra creative hand. The relevant tab properties get applied automatically to the objects imported through.
Album Xpress suite can be run on 3 computers anyway.
Download Free Language Pack to read Album Xpress Suite in regional language.
Shapes & cliparts can be combinedly saved as new clipart.
Attach videos to eAlbum after reducing it to mobile quality. This will make you add more video count with low download size of an eAlbum.
Use cameo cover image for reference while designing digital cover for your cameo album.
Add text in regional language. Simply copy and paste the message written in regional language or you can take support of multi language keyboard to type it by yourself.
Work like a PRO by shifting Photo selection window on one screen designing window on other and Album Design preview on other screen.
Use reverse effect tools to create the masterpiece.
Not just color fill but any background or image can be a fill to the Shapes and Fonts.